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We offer a diverse programme of writing and creativity courses. These will vary in length but will usually be in 4-8 weeks blocks. We hope to cover many forms and themes and aim to provide something of interest to most writers.

We will be holding one-day events in a variety of venues. Some of these events will be for writers, however, running alongside our writer’s programme we hope to work with mixed groups of creatives working across diverse art forms.

Keep up with The Poetry Fold

If the idea of working with people from different disciplines interests you then check our website regularly for details. Better still, register your interest today by signing up for our e-newsletter, The Fold, and you will automatically receive advance notice of all our courses and events, and get the chance to sign up first. This way you won’t miss a thing; in addition you’ll get inspirational quotes, weird facts and figures, links to things that are currently obsessing us at The Poetry Fold and a whole array of creative nuggets to make you think and create.

Mentoring and one-to-one tuition

If you are interested in a more focused relationship then we can offer bespoke mentoring and tuition packages. These will always be held in neutral, public environments. We will build the package with you to make sure you get what you want. If we can’t give you what you want we may well be able to recommend other services. If we feel we do not have the skills required we will never enter into a bespoke contract with a writer.

Working with partners

The Poetry Fold has over a decade of experience of delivering innovative events, projects, courses and festivals in the literary sector and we are always on the look out for like minded professionals interested in finding mutually beneficial ways of working together.

If you are a creative organisation that runs courses and events you may want to bring in The Poetry Fold for a one-off event or for a longer course or project. We welcome dialogue with all kinds of creative practitioners and we encourage you to get in touch for a preliminary conversation about potential collaborations. We are never afraid to think big and aim high.

What we don’t do

At present The Poetry Fold does not run specific courses or events in drama, scriptwriting, spoken word and performance poetry. The North East has a vibrant creative sector and there are some great organisations that can help if any of these specific forms are your main interest. We will use drama or script, where appropriate, as a tool or resource in a course but for the time being that is all we will do. If you are a dramatist or scriptwriter then our inspirational programmes may be of interest to get your creatives juices flowing.

We do not offer critiquing of any kind so please do not send unsolicited work to us. It will not be read. We do not offer advice about publication, financial support or resources available to writers.

What people say

“From a professional standpoint the impact [of attending Words Talk workshops delivered by The Poetry Fold] was incredible, I was able to lift my head above the parapet and see things a little more creatively.”

— Workshop participant ~ Northumbria University

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