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The Poetry Fold uses innovative creative writing techniques that help students explore and practice core curriculum concepts. The P/F’s Lisa Matthews has experience across the entire Year range within KS3 – KS5.

Bring out the best in your students

Our workshops look to develop student written and critical skills, honing creativity and applying imaginative writing and creative expression in considered and effective ways.

Our modules are challenging and aim to help students realise the power of good communication. Along with the development of language, literacy and critical skills, The Poetry Fold’s techniques bring life and vitality to concept-specific themes such as Spiritual and Moral development and Citizenship.

Case study: Monkwearmouth School

In Monkwearmouth School in Sunderland, The Poetry Fold has – for example – worked with Yr10 and Yr 11 pupils to explore key concepts of “Respect” and “Creativity”. Each module took place over a four-week period and culminated in collections of original writings by students either performed at school events or used on-site to promote passion and excitement for words and language, as well as to unpack and explore  the topics themselves.

What people say

“Stemistry has provided an invaluable source of inspiration, knowledge and creative techniques for my writing over the past five years. This is due in no small part to Lisa Matthews’ professional, original, inclusive and thoughtful approaches to the creative workshops over the course of the project.”

— Stevie Ronnie ~ poet

The Poetry Fold in action

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