Over the past 20 yeas Lisa has built a successful portfolio career as a creative writing academic, and has held a variety of teaching and research fellowships spanning poetry & poetics, radical pedagogies, eco-poetics, sci-art, Medical Humanities, digital poetics, poetry in performance & installation, CPD and mentoring. Returning to more formal study in 2012, she began a practice-based PhD in Creative Writing and Poetry and plans to return to the UK academy, full time, once her PhD is completed (summer 2019). Lisa will continue her research and practice in a scholarly context that looks both inwards at itself and outward to where research intersects with other sectors, environments and communities. Of particular interest is the creative-critical ellipsis of practice-led research and what that means to audiences, makers, practitioners and researchers. View Lisa’s full academic profile

Research interests

Prose poetry | Sequential poetics & text blocks | The works of UK poet, Selima Hill & US poet Rosmarie Waldrop |  The life & works of Rachel Carson | Poetry in digital, performative & collaborative environments | Radical pedagogies | Concrete poetry | Poem brut |Queer & working class poetics | Creative non-fiction (biography) | Photo-poetic & typographical experimentation | Digital journaling & generative process | Machine learning & Natural Language Processing | Poetics & code

Textblockcentral is where Lisa posts about prose poetry – check out her research on Instagram and Twitter.

Papers & publications

Publications – details to follow
Papers – details to follow