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Primary schools

The Poetry Fold uses innovative creative writing techniques that helps young learners develop communication skills, literacy and creativity. Within Key Stage 2 (KS2) The Poetry Fold can work with Years 3-6.

Enhance the curriculum

Our workshops mirror and underpin the main curriculum concepts of Writing, Reading and Speaking & Listening. The children will be lead through fun, accessible and manageable writing tasks, sharing exercises, words games, individual and group work and reading and listening.

Tailored workshops

Running a particular themed project? Want to look at something in new and unexpected ways? Workshops may be themed around specific topics like the local environment, science, geography, pirates or local myths and legends OR, they can be tailored to suit a literacy strand such as imagery, poetry, vocabulary or comprehension.

Complementary learning

We can imagine the classroom is under the sea, on the moon, or in a different country and The Poetry Fold will work with staff and students to provide a fun, challenging and unique learning experience designed to complement the hard work that happens in the classroom throughout the academic year.

Case Study: Roker Regeneration Project

Sunderland City Council’s Roker Regeneration Project employed The Poetry Fold (Mar-Jul 2011) to help children from a variety of local primary schools to write stories and poems based on the myths and legends associated with the Roker seafront. The children’s writings form part of site-specific exhibitions on the seafront itself and in the individual schools.

One Yr3 from Dame Dorothy Primary School, Sunderland, said of The Poetry Fold project, “this has been the BEST literacy week of my life.”

What people say

“From a professional standpoint the impact [of attending Words Talk workshops delivered by The Poetry Fold] was incredible, I was able to lift my head above the parapet and see things a little more creatively.”

— Workshop participant ~ Northumbria University

The Poetry Fold in action

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