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How it works in education

Lisa Matthews (The Poetry Fold) has worked for over a decade in the education sector and specialises in using innovative creative writing techniques designed to bring out the best in both students and staff. With broad-based experience in primary and secondary schools, sixth form colleges, universities, adult education and literacy sectors in the north east of England, The Poetry Fold delivers invigorating and professional language, literacy and creativity programmes and Inset days/CPD modules.

A creative injection for your classroom

Bringing Lisa Matthews – a published and respected poet, writer & educator –  into your classroom, school or institution can provide a real creative injection. Always inspirational, Poetry Fold workshops and Inset days provide motivation, fresh angles and new ideas for work, always drawing on the ideas, experiences and ambitions of each participant.

Our mission

The Poetry Fold’s educational mission is simple: we want to help you use words, language and creativity in the way that best addresses your learning and teaching aims and ambitions. The aim is not to make students or staff into writers or poets; instead we help students and education professionals alike refine their practice, develop their skills and discover their creativity.

A unique approach

We provide stimulating and unique creative writing workshops for students of all ages, and we pride ourselves on our long-held belief that every student has a voice and can, with practice and insight from The Poetry Fold, use words and language better in their studies and in their lives.

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What people say

“Words Talk [project] set out to develop writing skills in academic staff and we were delighted with the work from The Poetry Fold. Not only did some staff start to write for the first time but experienced authors widened their communication skills.”

— Professor Charlotte Clarke ~ Northumbria University

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