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How it works for writers

The creativity and writing strand of The Poetry Fold is aimed at all writers, at all stages of their careers, working in most forms (more on that later). Events may consist of one-day workshops; courses will vary in length from 4 to 8 weeks. Depending on the amount of time you have available – and your budget – we aim to offer something for everyone. Here’s a flavour of what we offer:

  • Innovative courses using science and technology, music and lyrics, spirituality, creativity and visual arts as jumping off points
  • Exploration of specific literary forms such as poetry, the short story and longer prose
  • Journalism and writing for the media
  • Specialist courses for beginners and masterclasses for experienced writers
  • One-day events using interactive venues in mind-expanding, inspirational ways

In the future, as The Poetry Fold develops, we plan to offer community-specific options, including women-only courses, LGBT-only courses and courses for older people.

As well as our multi-course programme, our ambitions include regional conferences, residential events and bespoke projects with partners.

How much does it cost?

Course prices start from under £12 per workshop when you book a course in advance (a simple staged payment option is also available and course fees include a small administration fee).

Most courses have two pricing and payment options:
OPTION 1: payment in full, in advance (this is the most cost-effective option).
OPTION 2: pay half of the fees in advance and the remaining balance at the half way point of the course (this costs a bit more as there are more attendant administration costs). Whichever option you choose, we encourage you to consider booking the course as a commitment to attending the complete set of sessions.

The Poetry Fold is a business and receives no external funding. The income we receive from fees and charges goes straight back into providing more events. In return for your hard-earned cash, we promise to provide high-quality, innovative courses and events for all kinds of writers.

We cannot currently offer concessions, though we hope to in the future. However, we have devised a pricing structure that hopefully will accommodate many pockets. See Booking FAQs and Booking Terms for detailed information.

Where will courses take place?

The Poetry Fold operates from the North East and all courses will run in accessible Newcastle city centre-based venues.

A core Poetry Fold commitment is to never over-populate classes. We understand what a successful writing group needs: as well as good, interested and engaged writers with open minds, writing groups need time for reflection, creation and sharing. Too many people means not enough time, so we aim for optimum numbers depending on the type of course.

What we don’t do

The North East is an amazing place to be a writer or to get into writing. The Poetry Fold is about inspiration, innovation and professional development and we work with many different forms. However, as a rule, we do not offer courses or support in spoken word and performance, neither do we offer drama or scriptwriting courses. (We may use these forms in our courses as tools, but if you are seriously interested in these specific forms then check out our Links & Resources page for some pointers).

What people say

“Stemistry has provided an invaluable source of inspiration, knowledge and creative techniques for my writing over the past five years. This is due in no small part to Lisa Matthews’ professional, original, inclusive and thoughtful approaches to the creative workshops over the course of the project.”

— Stevie Ronnie ~ poet

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