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Higher Education Institutions (HEI)

Lisa Matthews is an experienced Creative Writing (CW) tutor and has delivered innovative undergraduate CW modules in most of the north east’s HEIs including Northumbria, Newcastle and Durham Universities.

Teaching the craft of creative writing

An expert in poetry and prose, Lisa is an experienced CW educator  and academic who is passionate about words, language and CW techniques, theory and pedagogy. Having taught up to MA level, Lisa uses innovative teaching techniques to help students explore issues of craft and intention.


We can work with you over an agreed amount of time to achieve a variety of outcomes with your students. Creative writing courses typically last between 1 and 8 weeks and according to requirements workshops may take place on a daily basis, over the course of a week, fortnight or term/semester.

We will work with you to create the best solution. Lisa Matthews, has – for example – spent several semesters in the region’s Medical Schools. The Poetry Fold is keen to explore the value of having a Writer in Residence for a whole school/academic year. Longer residencies with a writer embedded on site will probably require external funding and we are happy to discuss and advise on current funding opportunities.

Research interests and track record

Lisa’s research interests centre around creative writing as CPD resource in diverse and unusual contexts and she has a track record of project initiation and collaboration in the field of Medical Humanities and delivering unique staff training and CPD in the healthcare and education sectors.

What people say

“Being involved in Stemistry has been fascinating. The science was a steep learning curve and Lisa’s writing workshops have been dynamic and unpredictable. I’ve produced a mountain of writing which couldn’t have happened without it.”

— Christopher Barnes ~ poet

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