Equality & diversity

We believe that all individuals have a right to be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of the differences between them in age, gender, marital status, race, sexuality, religion, culture, economic status, class or disability. We will make every effort to work in an anti-discriminatory manner. Everyone participating in a course or event provided by The/Poetry/Fold is expected to behave in a way that acknowledges difference positively and not in a way that excludes, humiliates and/or damages.

We operate robust ground rules and prior to attending any Poetry Fold event participants will be made aware of these ground rules. By attending any Poetry Fold course or event participants are agreeing to abide by our equality and diversity policies and failure to respect the rights of others will result in cancellation of our contract without any refund or recompense.

We reserve the right to hold specialist courses and events for specific groups and communities within society. We may, for example, run a women-only course, a LGBT or BME event. Whenever we run a closed-group course or event we will make this obvious in the course description.

The Poetry Fold encourages all its customers and members to take an active role in equality and diversity.