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About The Poetry Fold

The Poetry Fold is an agency that uses words, language, literature & creative writing techniques as training and professional development resources in diverse environments. It is a business owned and managed by North East writer and creative entrepreneur Lisa Matthews.

Why The Poetry Fold?

Here at the Poetry Fold we believe that words and language are fundamental to everything you do. Our aim is to help individuals, educators and creative professionals to operate, create and communicate more effectively.

After a decade of working as a creative professional in the north east of England, Lisa decided to consolidate her experience and expertise into The Poetry Fold. Passionate about writing, people and the region, Lisa wanted to build an agency that highlights the relevance and effectiveness of words and language as tools and resources in continuing professional development.

The Poetry Fold is committed to helping people find their own voice as writers and communicators, contributing to the cultural, economic and professional growth of the region by helping individuals, organisations and education professionals to use words and language in ways that make them better at what they do.

If you deal with words, or deal with people we believe the Poetry Fold can be of use to you, whether in education, in creativity or in partnership. Our website offers insight into what we do and how we do it. Take a look at our case studies and read what customers and partners have to say.

Our newsletter and membership

We will regularly release an email newsletter called The Fold. We are not a membership organisation but we hope you will sign up to receive our newsletter. Subscribing to The Fold means you will receive advance notice of all our courses and events as well as a unique regular creative injection.

Who can benefit

The Poetry Fold is not a PR or marketing company, but we do offer motivational and out-of-the box-thinking workshops and events designed to dovetail with established Inset/CPD strategies.

We are not a school or academic institution, but we offer innovative courses that help writers and other creatives unearth their own ideas and voices. We can’t make you into a writer or promise publication, but if you are interested in words and writing and want to develop or flex your creative muscles, then The Poetry Fold may be the place for you. Established and published writers can use the The Poetry Fold as a space to experiment and develop new ideas and themes.

Our courses and events may lead you to the start of something entirely new, and we actively encourage considered creative risk-taking.

All our services and events are aimed at open minds and active listeners. If you want to be better at what you do and feel excited by meeting like-minded people, then sign up for our newsletter and put The Poetry Fold in your bookmarks.

What people say

“This has been the BEST literacy week of my life!”

— 9 year-old student ~ Dame Dorothy Primary School, Sunderland

The Poetry Fold in action

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