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Music with an edge

The/Poetry/Fold is delighted to announce Edinburgh-based composer Steve Watson will be contributing – over the coming year – 6 pieces of original music for inclusion in our free monthly e-bulletin, The/Fold.

Steve’s composition, The Battle of Tetuan (Pt 1), will be the leading creative provocation in the August edition of The/Fold. It’s free and all we ask is that you respect the copyright of the guest artists involved. (Our other artist is the US-based photographer Phyllis Christopher whose work graced the first issue of The/Fold in Jul 2011).

It is only right that we include some great music in our e-bulletins as music, in all its forms, is central to The/Poetry/Fold’s creative approach. And Steve’s music is truly that: great. His compositions are technically brilliant, eclectic, muscular and original, full of vibrant phrasing, instrumentation, melody, discordance and imagery.

The/Poetry/Fold would like to thank Steve Watson for gifting his amazing music to us, so we in turn can gift it to you. We hope you find it as inspiring and moving as we do.

The/Fold is sent out to subscribers electronically on the second Wednesday of every month – the August issue, which includes Steve’s composition, The Battle of Tetuan (Pt 1), will hit Inboxes on 10 August 2011. If you don’t already subscribe to The/Fold you can do so here.

To find out more about Steve Watson and to get some more of his music into your ears visit out his page at Last FM.

What people say

“Stemistry has provided an invaluable source of inspiration, knowledge and creative techniques for my writing over the past five years. This is due in no small part to Lisa Matthews’ professional, original, inclusive and thoughtful approaches to the creative workshops over the course of the project.”

— Stevie Ronnie ~ poet

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