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Stemistry is a science & art (sci-art) education and creativity collaboration between The Poetry Fold and the Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences Research Centre (PEALS) of Newcastle University. Now in its sixth year the project has a diverse funding history including support from North East Stem Cell Institute (NESCI), the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and the Medical Research Council (MRC).

At the heart of Stemistry is an ambition to use creative writing, literature and language as resources to help explore wide-ranging scientific subjects – subjects that the participants knew little or nothing about prior to participating. Stemistry encourages non-experts to explore complex and often contentious scientific disciplines.

During its lifetime Stemistry has evolved into a major sci-art collaboration and project participants have contributed to academic symposia and offered innovative ways for members of the public to interact with issues relating to stem cell technology. These interactions include a magnetic poetry stall at a science public engagement event in Durham city centre and performances of original work at residential events and academic conferences. The Stemistry writing group is now a experienced and well-estabished collection of creative thinkers and our innovative approach as a science education troupe work in a variety of educational and creative contexts.

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What people say

“Words Talk [project] set out to develop writing skills in academic staff and we were delighted with the work from The Poetry Fold. Not only did some staff start to write for the first time but experienced authors widened their communication skills.”

— Professor Charlotte Clarke ~ Northumbria University

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