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CPD at Northumbria University’s Research centre and Clinical Skills Unit

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“Words Talk” project

Developing reflective practice is central to a healthcare professional’s working life: in 2010, Northumbria University brought in The Poetry Fold to contribute to their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) strand.

During a pilot project, “Words Talk”, Lisa Matthews worked with a group of teaching, research and clinical staff. Together, they explored issues around cathartic professional insights and experiences, bringing colleagues together in a creative, safe place to explore their professional practices and to share experiences and insights. A diverse set of creative writing techniques was used during the sessions, encouraging staff to unearth and articulate individual experiences.

A creative approach to CPD and reflective practice

The staff at Northumbria already utilise a variety of creative teaching and research tools, but felt they could benefit from The Poetry Fold’s creative approach to CPD and reflective practice. We explored the concept of building an online professional handbook of “good advice” that could be used both as a learning resource for undergraduates students, as well as a professional development tool for staff at the university.

This pilot project is developing into a longer-term partnership between Northumbria University and The Poetry Fold. Together we hope to articulate a variety of professional voices and experiences using creative techniques alongside robust academic curricula and methodologies. Our longterm aim is to create resources for the development of practice and research. This year we aim to develop the “Words Talk” strand further and establish a residency for The Poetry Fold within the Research Centre and Clinical Skills Unit.

What people say

“The workshops are always extremely well prepared, thought provoking and imaginative both in subject content and style, with lots of time for actual writing. [Lisa Matthews, The Poetry Fold] has helped me to take my work into new territories.”

— Marilyn Longstaff ~ poet

The Poetry Fold in action

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